Leigh Dodds Consulting Ltd

About Me

I am skilled software engineer, architect, and product manager with experience in building data driven products. I have experience of working in a variety of roles using a range of technologies. I’ve built R&D prototypes, been involved in hands-on design and implementation of a data-driven products, lead large engineering teams, and have been the product manager for a SaaS data platform business. I’ve trained and mentored other engineers on new technologies, and enjoy working in teams where I get to learn new skills too.

My consulting company offers me the ability to work on exciting projects in a lot of different areas. Whether you need help for a few days, weeks or over a longer period, I’d be interested in talking.

Over the last few years my focus has been on exploring ways to build data-driven products, and best practices for integrating data with the web. If you’re working on an Open or Linked Data project, or need help in designing a good API for your developer community, then I’d love to talk to you.

For a more detailed history of my work experience and background, along with recommendations from past clients and colleagues, take a look at my LinkedIn profile:

If you want to check over the quality of my code and open source contributions then have a look at my Github profile.

You might also be interested in my blog or personal website.