Leigh Dodds Consulting Ltd

Open & Linked Data Consulting

Expertise in publishing and applying data

I am passionate about the web, open data, open standards, and open source. I enjoy working with teams to help them better use and understand data to create new products and services.

I can bring years of engineering and product development experience, from across the full product life-cycle, to help with your project. I've worked in a number of domains, including publishing, media, and the public sector.

Feel free to get in touch to talk about how I might help with your project. My recent clients have taken advantage of my skills in the following areas.

Open Data

Advice on best practices around sustainable publishing of Open Data

Linked Data

Guidance in creating and publishing high-quality 5-Star Linked Data

API Design

Design and implementation of RESTful APIs for the web or the enterprise

Software Development

Agile software development; rapid prototyping

Ontology Development

Working with domain experts to build a domain model to support data integration and product development

Technical Architecture

Architectural reviews, with emphasis on applying semantic web and NoSQL technology.

Training & Mentoring

Support in building internal expertise in Linked Data and REST

Technical Writing

Developer documentation, tutorials and articles.